Faustus Quiz 1

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Faustus Quiz


1. In the Prologue, who introduces the story of Doctor Faustus?

(A) The Chorus


2. To which Greek mythological character is Faustus compared in the Prologue?

(C) Icarus


3. What fields of learning does Faustus consider before he turns to magic?

(B) Logic, medicine, law, and theology


4. Which characters instruct Faustus in the dark arts?

(D) Cornelius and Valdes


5. When he first summons Mephastophilis, how does Faustus ask him to appear?

(A) In the shape of a Franciscan friar


6. What is the name of the ruler of hell in Doctor Faustus?

(C) Lucifer


7. How long does Faustus demand that Mephastophilis serve him?

(B) Twenty-four years


8. What does Faustus offer in return for this service?

(D) His soul


9. How does Faustus sign his compact with Lucifer?

(A) In his own blood


10. What is the meaning of the words that appear on Faustus’s arm in Latin?

(C) “Fly, man”


11. Who agrees, under duress, to become Wagner’s servant?

(B) The clown


12. What does Mephastophilis refuse to tell Faustus?

(D) Who made the world


13. Why does Mephastophilis refuse to answer this question?

(A) He says that the answer is “against our kingdom”


14. Which city does Faustus visit extensively in scene 7?

(C) Rome


15. What trick does Faustus, while invisible, play on the pope?

(D) He steals dishes of food and disrupts the pope’s banquet


16. Which historical figure does Faustus conjure up for the emperor to see?

(D) Alexander the Great


17. Which character is publicly skeptical of Faustus’s powers?

(B) The knight (also known as Benvolio)


18. How does Faustus humiliate this skeptic?

(C) He makes antlers sprout from the skeptic’s head


19. Who tries to persuade Faustus to repent just before he reseals his pact with Lucifer?

(A) An old man


20. What happens to the horse that Faustus sells to the horse-courser?

(D) It turns into a heap of straw when it goes in the water


21. What does the horse-courser think he is removing from Faustus’s body after Faustus wakes?

(B) His leg


22. What does Faustus fetch for the Duchess of Vanholt?

(C) A dish of grapes


23. Where, according to Mephastophilis, is hell?

(A) Everywhere that heaven is not


24. What famous beauty does Mephastophilis present to Faustus in scene 12?

(D) Helen of Troy


25. What happens to Faustus at the end of the play?

(D) He is carried off to hell

26. Marlowe lived during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

27.  The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus was written in the 1580-90s

28. Marlowe's most notable contemporary was William Shakespeare

29. The reigning English monarch during Marlowe's whole life was Elizabeth I

30. During his time at Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, Marlowe apparently once planned to take holy orders

31.  Historical evidence suggests that Marlowe worked for the government as a spy

32.  Marlowe originally went to London to work as a(n) playwright

33.  Marlowe's first play was Tamburlaine, Part I

34.  Marlowe died both under suspicious circumstances and violently

35.  After his death, accusations surfaced, alleging that Marlowe was an atheist

36.  Marlowe was rumored to be an atheist, homosexual, violent and cruel

37.  Doctor Faustus is a scholar from Germany

38.  Faustus has a servant named Wagner

39.  Faustus is a scholar at Wittenberg

40. According to Catholic and Protestant Christian lore, Satan was originally one of the angels, before he defied God

41.At the beginning of the play, we learn that Faustus has impressive credentials as a scholar

42. At the beginning of the play, Faustus expresses frustration that he has mastered much conventional knowledge without gaining satisfaction

43.  From his first speech, the audience can see clearly that Faustus suffers from the sin of pride

44. In 1.1, we see that Faustus decides to turn to magic

45.  As implied in his speech about medicine in 1.1, Faustus seems to gain no satisfaction from helping others

46. The name Marlowe uses for the ruler of hell and the devils is Lucifer

47.  The devil Faustus summons is Mephastophilis

48. In "negotiations," Faustus asks the devil for 24 years more of life, and power

49.  Faustus, in exchange for his demands, must give up his soul

50.  Faustus is advised by a Good Angel and Evil Angel

51.  Faustus must sign the contract with the devil with his own blood

52.   Words appear on Faustus' arm after he signs the contract. They are: “Homo fuge”; "Fly, oh man."

53.  One could say that Faustus prizes knowledge more than wisdom

54.  Mephastophilis entertains Faustus with a parade of the Seven Deadly Sins

55.  Faustus plays some tricks on the Pope

56.  Faustus swindles a Horse-courser

57.  Faustus and Mephastophilis beat up some friars

58.   Doctor Faustus shows tension between Greek/Renaissance worldviews and Christian/medieval worldviews

59.  Faustus uses his powers to swindle and torment increasingly unimpressive targets

60. As the years pass, Faustus becomes depressed

61.For the German Emperor, Faustus summons spirits in the shape of Alexander the Great

62. Faustus uses his power to perform illusions for nobles

63.  As the end draws near, Faustus receives yet more warnings to repent from an Old Man

64. For his scholar friends, Faustus conjures the sight of Helen of Troy

65.  At the end of the play, Faustus both is dismembered by demons and goes to hell and is abandoned by the Good Angel